Avoid Accidents and Ensure Customer Safety

Avoid Accidents and Ensure Customer Safety

Ask about our light pole inspections in Mission, TX

Your business likely has a light pole in the parking lot or along the sidewalk, maybe a dozen of them. Chances are you haven't had your light poles inspected lately. ST Electric, LLC offers parking lot light pole inspections for small and large commercial properties throughout Mission, TX. Our electricians will ensure the stability, safety and efficiency of not only your light pole, but also the electrical panels and wiring.

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Are your parking lot light poles safe?

Your customers use your parking lot and walkways on a daily basis. If your light poles aren't secure, any slight nudge can cause a major incident. Have your light poles inspected right away when you first notice...

  • Flickering or buzzing lights.
  • Light poles wobbling in the wind.
  • Dull or inconsistent lighting.

Regular parking lot light pole inspections can prevent light poles from falling over or starting an electrical fire. This is especially important after a major storm. Reach out to ST Electric in Mission, TX to schedule routine light pole inspections for your property.